Chapter:”Short detailed chronology” & “In conclusion”

Who were the people behind F.G.B.C…?

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F.G.B.C.” produced & sold many sharpening stones, for example:
“pierre La Lune”, “Special Stone only for Good Razors”,
“New Master Stone”, … This article (split up into different chapters)
reveals the history behind the company


Lastly, a really short detailed chronology Emoji:

1845 “Maison Fondée en 1845”
1873 “Bardotti, Giovanace” (“Giovannacci”),
29, Rue Saint-Marguerite
1883-1885 Giovanacci brothers29, Rue Saint-Marguerite
 Bardotti & Ghelfi, “106, faub St-Antoine“,
(“Bardotti“, “Constantin & Laurent Ghelfi“)
1886 “Hélin & Malaspina
1886 Hélin et Cie“, “passage d’Angoulême (d’Augoulême), 9
1886 “Bardotti, Ghelfi & Cie“, “106, faub St-Antoine
(“Bardotti“, “Constantin Ghelfi” & “Malaspina“)
1886-1889 Giovannacci (D.-Dominico)” & “Laurent Ghelfi“,
rue Ste-Marguerite, 29
1886-1889 “Montedonico, Ghelfi & Co“,
44 (54?), Great Sutton-street, London
(“Giovanni Baptista Ghelfi” & “Joseph Montedonico“)
1889/ 24 February “Ghelfi & Cie“, “106,faub. St.-Antoine
(Constantino Ghelfi“, “Malaspinas Léopold” &
Capriata-Démosthênes Jean“)
1890/ 10 Juin Judicial liquidation “Demosthenes et Cie
106,faub. St.-Antoine
1890/ 6 September “Constantino Ghelfi” went bankrupt together
with “Malaspinas Léopold” & “Capriata-Démosthênes Jean
106,faub. St.-Antoine
1890 “Laurent Ghelfi” & “Dominico Giovannacci” moved to
84, Rue du Faubourg St-Antoine“, their steam plant, moved from
rue Ste-Marguerite, 29” (see 1886) to “r. de Charonne, 61
1890 Demosthènes & Cie” (Capriata Demosthènes Jean),
Faub.-St-Antoine, 56 & 66, steam plant, “passage du Chantier, 5
1893 “J. Demosthènes & Cie“, bankrupt “5, passage du Chantier
1893 – 1897 “Demosthènes & Cie”, new company, still at
Faub.-St-Antoine, 66” (not anymore at “Faub.-St-Antoine, 56“),
steam plant moved to “passage du Chantier, 16
1894 “Fernand Ghelfi” 
moved to “Faub.-St-Antoine, 56
(living there)
1894 “Antonin BIROLLEAU“, administrator quarries
1896 “A. Birolleau“, exploiting sandstone quarries at “muschelkack”
 Anonymous company” of the quarries “Merviller-Vacqueville
1897 “Jean-Baptiste Ghelfi” joined
⇒”Giovannacci D.” & L.&B. Ghelfi
⇒”84, Rue du Faubourg St-Antoine
1902/ 1 January “Ghelfi (L. & B.)” sold
84, Rue du Faubourg St-Antoine” to “Giovannacci
1902/ 31 December “D.Giovannacci” resold
84, Rue du Faubourg St-Antoine” to “Belle
1903 “Fernand Ghelfi” founded “F.Ghelfi & Cie” “7, rue Charlot
1908 “Belle” moved from 84, r. du Faub. St.-Antoine to
87, r. du Faub. St. Antoine
1908-1912 The “maisons” or “houses / etablishments” of
⇒”F.Ghelfi & cie” and “Birolleau” became united,
⇒”F.Ghelfi & Cie” “7, rue Charlot
⇒”Maisons F.Ghelfi & Cie Birolleau réunies” ⇒ F.G.B.C.”
1911/ 16 April “Valentin Ghelfi“, son of “Constantino Ghelfi”
⇒”80, r. St-Maur.
1916 Belle“, successor of “D. Giovannacci and L.& B. Ghelfi
87, Faubg. St. Antoine
1922 “F.Ghelfi & Cie
⇒”Maisons F.Ghelfi & Cie Birolleau réunies” ⇒ F.G.B.C.”
⇒”47,Rue de Saintonge“, aside to “7, Rue Charlot
1923 “Vve (= widow) Valentin (?)“, “80, r. St-Maur.
1923 Birolleau” bought the rights of the company “F. Ghelfi & Cie“,
47, Saintonge” 
from “Demuth
1931 “Birolleau” (sons) owns the firm:
F.Ghelfi & Cie” “Anciens établissements
⇒”Birolleau Fils, propriétaires
1935 Vve Valentin Ghelfi” became the owner of
établissements BELLE
“87, r. du Faub. St. Antoine”
1939 “Sir Laurent Ghelfi” went back to Italy (Pontremoli – MS)
1952 F.G.B.C. “Nouvelle Société des Anciens Etablissements
⇒”F.Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie” “47, Rue de Saintonge, Paris
1957/ 28 December
⇒”Nouvelle Société des Anciens Etablissements F. Ghelfi, Birolleau et Cie“,
“Société à responsabilité limitée” or S.A.R.L.
= “Limited liability company”
1985 “Nouvelle société des anciens établissements”
F.Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie” 47, Rue de Saintonge“⇒ F.G.B.C.
“Meules et pierres à aiguiser et à polir”
2007 “Nouvelle Société des Anciens Etablissements F. Ghelfi, Birolleau et Cie“,
S.A.R.L. , wholesale supplier, “5 rue de Douai, Paris
2011   moved to “156, rue de Tolbiac” until 2014

In conclusion:

There were a couple of agricultural families originated from
Mulazzo, Lunigiani who, because of financial reasons, needed to
go into the world. 
They firstly became traveling sellers of
stones, books,… until settling down in, for example, Paris.
They kept on selling fantastic high quality grinding, sharpening
and honing stones, of which we still 
have the supreme
pleasure of using them!

 There is still loads of information to be gathered, for instance,
we know that “F.G.B.C.” distributed stones to other suppliers
as for example “Manufrance”.

Occasionally, there are stones to be found as the
“Special stone only for good razors”, together with a label of
“Manufrance Saint-Etienne”.

In catalogs of “Manufrance” there are also links to be found of the
“Special stone”, for example this “Special stone” / “Pierre spéciale”
with very fine grit. The stone has two sides, one for honing a
D.E. blade“, the other for “straight razors“:

 courtesy of “David M Rosenstein”; Catalog “Manufrance” 1961:

1961 Manufrance David M Rosenstein

The future will give us hopefully more information,
so that we can discover even more about its fascinating history…

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