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Also buying new razors is an important issue, since the growing of the culture of wet-shaving a lot of very good and creative razor and knife makers started their business, some doing there business already back the last centuries others just newly started.

I wanted to offer a section of well known razor makers here on Razorlovestones. All of them are doing very good work, all have their own individual style, quality and prices.

This is a plain overview of razor makers and explicitly no payed “promotion” for those producers. Nothing is charged or payed for adding the links here.

Buying Razors in Austria [AT]:

Ulrik Beyer
A Website from Ulrik Beyer, born 1988 in Vienna. One of the youngest and latest custom razor makers. Ulrik can offer outstanding designs, well chosen materials and he actually makes the razors how you want them to be. He never gets tired to experiment with new ideas and new forms.

Buying Razors in Germany [DE]:

Ralf Aust
A website from the german razor maker Ralf Aust. He offers a wide selection of razors and materials for razor scales. Besides this he also offers shaving equipment like brushes, strops, etc.

Heribert Wacker

Buying Razors in France [FR]:

A Website from Cedric Crist, a french custom razor maker. Cedric creates a really fascinating and extravagant work.

by Alex Jacques


Buying Razors in England [UK]:

 Michael Waterhouse
For over a decade Michael has been making custom knives, leather goods and more recently straight razors at his workshop in the picturesque spa town of Ilkney, UK. His razors take influence, form classic designs but also have a very contemporary look. Every piece is entirely made by hand using the highest quality materials available. To see more of Michael’s work visit his blog!

Buying Razors in Ukraine [UKR]:

Freelance Masters Club
One of the newer build up “Custom Razor Makers”, actually ART Razor is a community of Freelance Masters who always wanted to create high Quality Razor Equipment on their own. They right now offer a wide variety of different types of straight razors in size, grind and design. Besides these beautiful razors they are going to produce additional shaving gear equipment like Brushes, Leather works and other beautiful things. Check out there Store and see what wonderful things you will find! Also check out the Section of their Chief Master Frans in their Vendors Section on SRP.

Buying Razors in USA [US]:

Lewis Razors
“Primitive Blades For Modern Times”
Thanks for stopping by. I have been using straight razors for years. My fascination with sharp objects and my experience working with metal and wood have led to the creation of Lewis Razors. I carefully craft each razor using custom machinery I designed and fabricated to suit the style of razors I want to make and my methods of work. My razors have a utilitarian functionality that combines primitive touches with traditional styling. My razors are available exclusively through Straight Razor Designs.

I plan on updating the web site as needed, so feel free to check back at anytime.  Charlie Lewis

Max Sprecher

All links hosted here are used under permission of the listed domain owners. If you find any broken links or incorrect Information please hit me up on my contact page.

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