Links – Wetshaving Boards

America (US): (R&S)
one of the smaller but very family like boards
and used by many well known honers
well known for Mikes (Modine) Barber Hone reviews
Hosted by Sham (HiBudGl) (SMF²)
19.08.2016: actually 8.031 registered Users and 51.5556 posts (SRP)
Hosted by Lynn S. Abrams
19.08.2016: actually 45.204 registered Users and 1.598.229 posts

19.08.2016: actually 15.308 registered Users and 48.755 posts


The Coticule Club
A newly (2016) started forum from Scott. A very nice, personal and friendly shaving board with the main focus on Coticules, their usage and special tecniques.
19.08.2016: actually 42 registered Users and 2.649 posts

Website created or started by Bart Torfs, huge content on Coticules and BBWs, Forum ist actually not active anymore but content is accessible.

 England / UK:

The Shaving Room
19.08.2016: actually 3861 registered Users and 38.794 posts

Le 3C ou Coupe-Choux Club
Probably the biggest and one of the most active french boards, a lot of Information on French Stones and French Razors
19.08.2016: actually 7016 registered Users and 483.624 posts
Actually 749 registered Users and 42.382 posts
19.08.2016: actually 949 registered Users and 45.684 posts
Le rasage à L’ancienne pour les hommes D’aujourd’hui
19.08.2016: actually 1481 registered Users and 507.745 messages
Rasoir Coupe-Choux France
tout sur L’univers du Rasoir-Droit ou Coupe-Choux
Actually 663 registered Users and 20.600 posts
19.08.2016: actually 879 registered Users and 25.130 messages

one of the biggest German Communities with
around 15.000 Posts
19.08.2016: actually 5.752 registered Users and 19.751 posts
Hosted by Stefan P. Wolf
19.08.2016: actually 13.944 registered Users and 30.311 posts

Hosted by Fabrizio (Bushdoctor)


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