Pierre Naturelle de Saurat des Pyrénées (140 x 65 x 23mm)

Size: 140 x 65 x 23mm weight: 520gr.
Density: xxgr./cm³ / Estimated grit size: medium fine > 2k-6k
Usage: with water, glycerine or oil
Color: medium gray to dark grey, sometimes brown, when used with oil the stones tend to look like a dark-black, sometimes iron oxidated areas or patterns are existent, sometimes chamfered sides
M. Soucille (today), Cuminetti Family (in the past)

About this specific stone:
This stone was sold as an oil stone and has been used with oil in the past. It arrived dark black and really looked like the French Special Stones for Good Razors but it wasn’t. Certain parameters (chamfered edges, dimensions, dark black color)  can make it different to decide if the sold stone might be a Special Stone for Good Razors or a Naturelle Stone de Saurat. This can only be evaluated testing the stone. After cleaning and lapping the working surface and one of the sides i could see a certain difference between two layers in the stone. One of the sides is brown, the other more dark gray. Also these stones have typical sparkling inclusions which is another identifier for the Special Stones. The glittering is a lot less then on those stones sold from F.G.B.C. under the Lune Trademark.

Honing with the Pierre Aiguiser de Saurat

The Stones can work in the medium coarse to medium fine area, that’s why i added a rating from 1K – 6K within my description on the top.  There is no official grit rating on Mr. Soucille’s Site because they mention that due its natural nature its not possible to evaluate a standard grit size. We (ALUM OF POTASH, KCB5150, SHARPCHEF) experienced that when the surface is smoothed out with a fine sanding paper up to 3000 grit or with other fine natural slurry stones its possible to reach a finer scratch pattern. Using glycerine or oil the bevel pattern looks quit fine and shiny an can be compared to 6K Stone and higher.

personal shaving results (PSR):
As mentioned above these stones could be used after Bevel set up to the pre-finish area. In my point of view they do not give a shaveable edge. I tried several times trying to max out the results on these stones. For sure a shave was possible, with feeling explicit harsh and very uncomfortable.

The Stones can find their individual place within a honing progression. I actually find them too slow when the surface is lapped very fine. Using this stone after Bevel set and flattened not too fine they cut faster but not as fine.

The Stones have been sold from the Cuminetti Familty in the past. Actually the new owner is Mr. M. Soucille.

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