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Buying stones is always a topic which stone to buy. Actually there are a lot of vintage stones around, also many new stones have occurred in the honing scene within the last years (f.ex. Apache Strata, Apache Black Gila, Haida Gwaii Hone, Bavarian-Frankonian, Thuringian Bouts, Imperia La Roccia, Bethesda grey, Dota Creek and many more)

So which one to choose ? If you’re unsure either to go on Natural Stones or synthetic Stones I firstly will give the proposal to contact any of the mentioned people listed here on the ABOUT Site.

I’am quite sure that each of those people will be glad to help out on any question concerning honing or choosing the perfect stones. All of them are well known honers or either specialists on specific type of stones.

All links listed here are used under permission
of the named websites or persons 

buying Stones in Belgium [BE]:
A Website from the actual and the last Quarry
owners of Belgian water whetstones
from Maurice and Anne-Katrien Celis
A Website offering Belgian water whetstones

Buying Stones in Germany [DE]:
A website with all kinds of interesting
Belgian water whetstones. Either Belgian Blue
Stones (BBW) or Coticules.
Website from Mr. Lindner
A Solingen company offering all kinds of tools, knifes and straight razors. They also offer german water razor hones.
Website from Herbertz Messerclub

A very nice Page about high quality products

Japan Messer Shop
A website hosted from the Horie Family.  A very nice page
with a lot of high quality Japanese Stones of all kinds.
Website from Mr. and Mrs. Horie
A  website with all kinds of naturals or
synthetic sharpening stones.
Website from Mr. Fritz Müller
Gutes aus alter Zeit – Neu entdeckt
An online shop dealing with some very special vintage german stones. They are offering vintage thuringian water hones, La Lorraine and Our Levante Stones from Belgium and many other things. Check out their page!!
Website from Gabriele und Peter (Hatzicho) Buhlmann

Wetzen und Schleifen
A website with all kinds of natural and synthetic sharpening stones. They still offer small vintage thuringian Stones.
Website from Mr. and Mrs. Rückewold

Buying stones in France (FR):
A website from Ertan who offers a well chosen gear of shaving items in France. You can get nearly every thing from him. He offers razors, razor strops, pastes, razor hones and sharpening stones and many things more.
Website from Ertan Suer

Buying stones in Danmark (DK):

JNS – Japanese Natural Stones
A well known site from Maxim offering all kinds of
high quality Japanese Natural Stones
Website from Maxim Enevoldsen

Buying  Stones in Hawaii (JP):
Japanes Cooking Knive
A website dealing with a very nice collection of kitchen knives
Website  from Takeshi Aoki
Japanese Chef Knives
A  website dealing with a very nice collection of Chef knives!
Besides this a big part of the shop is selling Japanese Water hones and Razors. 
Website  from Takeshi Aoki

Buying  Stones in Japan (JP):
A seller whos mostly active on Ebay, he sells all
types of Japanes Water hones.
Website from Nakaoka Tomonori

A very nice seller of Japanese Water Stones and tools.
He offers a very nice quality of stones to really fair prices.
He also runs an Ebay store where he sells his stones.
Website from Takeshi Kuroda

Buying stones in England (UK):
A very nice website offering a lot of
different razors and sharpening supplies
Website from The Invisible Edge Ltd.

Buying stones in USA (US):

John Coe Rockman

Maker of Premium Arkansas Whetstones
Custom Made Craft Pieces
Jonathan is a top notch customer friendly Custom Stone maker.
During my order everything important was discussed, he gave me a lot of information and details about the actual status of processing.

Contact Email:

FB-f-Logo__blue_512Facebook: CoeWhetstone

Japanese Chef Knives
Aframes Tokyo
A very nice website dealing with kitchen knives offering a huge amount of Japanese Natural Stones (Jnats)
Website from Takeshi (TSS)
A very nice Website offering a lot of straight razors and the needed equipment. Jarod offers a huge amount of Coticules which i’ve personally never seen on any other shaving related US Website
Website from Jarod

FB-f-Logo__blue_512Facebook: TheSuperiorShave
A Website form Alex Gilmore dealing with Japanese Tools
and Japanese Sharpening Stones
Website from Alex & Emiko Gilmore

© text and pictures


links are used under permission of the
named websites or people

created: 16.04.2015 / edited: 14.07.2017


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