Bavarian-Frankonian Bout Stone No.2 (130 x 50 x 25mm)

German Translation
: 130 x 50 x 20-25mm weight: 414gr.
Density: xxgr./cm³ / Estimated grit size: fine < 8K – 10K)
Usage: only with water
Color: whittish-grey with brown iron-oxide lines,
backing bronze and pearl white metallic look
Other names:
Bayrischer-Franke, Bavarian-Frankonian, Frankenstein

  About this specific stone:
This is a Frankonian Bout i got from Hatzicho. This one is a coarser example then the first bout i got from him. It has a very nice natural skin on the back of the stone and something like a iron oxidated side. It also shows long oxidated lines going thru the stone. The slurry created looks very white colored.

Indicators / Identifiers:
1. green-grey, sometime lighter
2. a quite hard-medium stone
3. works comparable to coticules when a slurry is created with Tomonagura or with a DMT

Honing with the  Bavarian-Frankonian Bout Stone:
These stones are fine finishing stones! But the most interesting on these stones is that they can be used directly after a 1k stone bevelsetter.

personal shaving results (PSR):
The shaving results with Bavarian-Frankonian are very good, the edges come off very sharp and very smooth. This stone is a very small bout stone, so i needed a bit of practice to come around with this small bout. The smoothness is quite on the same limit and probably a bit above the thuringian Water Razor hones.

These stones are very good water razor hones, they are that much variable that actually these are in the Top 5 of my most used stones. The show nearly no wear because of their hardness and the give some great shaving results. So if you like Coticules and how they work and if you’re interested trying out something new, then try to get one of those very great stones from Hatzicho.

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