O-Ha! Magnet = Elektrostein (98 x 30 x 10mm)

Size: 98 x 30 x 10mm weight: 80gr.
Density: xxgr./cm³ / Estimated grit size: very fine <12k
Usage: only with water, never use oil!
Color: green-grey, dark-grey, sometimes going in brown, mottled structure with black, blue, rose or green coloration
Other names:
mottled Thuringian, Schwedenstein, Swedenstein
Otto Hunger, Elsterberg (Sachsen)

  About this specific stone:
This is a O-Ha! Magnet = Elektrostein. These have been sold in these very nice printed tin boxes from Otto Hunger, Elsterberg (Sachsen).  This stone shows a olive to dark-gray coloration with blackish mottled lines.

Indicators / Identifiers:
1. green-gray, dark-grey, olive-green sometimes more brown with mottled coloration in black, blue, rose or green
2. a quite medium-soft stone, harder stones then the other thuringian water razor hones
3. gives very sharp and smooth edges

Honing with the  O-Ha Magnet = Elektrostein :
These stones are very fine finishing stones! They work comparable to the other thuringian slate stones being around with two differences. These mottled stones seem to be a bit harder then the other colored yellow-green, light-green or dark-blue stones. Second, these stones seem to be a bit coarser concerning their general grit estimation.

personal shaving results (PSR):
The shaving results with the O-Ha! Magnet = Elektrostein are very good, the edges come off very sharp and very smooth. This stone is a very small stones, so i need a bit of practice to come around with this small and narrow hone.

These stones are very good water razor hones, the results are quite in line concerning sharpness and smoothness  with the

History and General Information:
it seems that the latest of these stones have been quarried from JGES whats written down on B&B from Hatzicho.
Badgerandblade.com (B&B):
Late Thuringian Escher Stones

The O-Ha Magnet = Elektrostein stones have been brought to the market from Otto Hunger, Elsterberg (Sachsen) and they appear in sizes from 10x30x10mm over 150x35x6mm and 200x40x15mm. The AD is from a Newspaper from 1919. Interesting is another ad which appeared later in 1920 naming the stone a Oilstone “Magnet-Elektro-Oelstein Oha”. So probably Otto Hunger changed his opinion that the stone should used only with water.

Otto Hunger, Elsterberg

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O-Ha! Elektro = Magnetstein

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Late Thuringian Escher Stones

Badgerandblade.com (B&B):
Wooooohaaaaaa, I won an O-Ha

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