JGES Wasserabziehstein Nr. 29 (100 x 50 x 13mm)

Size: 100 x 50 x 13 mm weight: 101gr.
Density: xxgr./cm³ / Estimated grit size: fine (8K-10K)
Usage: only with water
Color: dark-grey to olive-green
Other names:
Synthethic Thuringian, Reform Thuringian
JGES Kommanditgesellschaft E. Schwarz, Theuern

  About this specific stone:
This is one of the firstly created synthetic Thuringian Stones made from JGES Kommanditgesellschaft, E. Schwarz, Theuern. They have been sold as a razor/barber hone, one side could be used for straight razors the other side could be used for sharpening safety razor blades. As mentioned by Hatzicho they have also been used from soldiers in the WW2.

Indicators / Identifiers:
1. dark-grey, green-grey, olive-green
2. a quite medium-hard stone, nearly no auto slurrying
3. the have a very uncomfortable synthetic smell
4. a comparable pattern which some of the Barber Hones have

Honing on the  synthetic Thuringian Hone:
These stones are harder then natural thuringian Stones due the Binder which was used in the mixture. Actually they have a certain smell which you normally do not smell on the natural stones.

personal shaving results (PSR):
The shaving results are very good, got a very nice and clean shave quite comparable on those i get with other natural Thuringian stones. The smoothness is a bit below the naturals, but the stone is very easy to use.

These synthethic Thuringian Stones could be a good choice if you can come over them to a fair or cheap price. The results is good, and its as easy to use as the natural ones

History and General Information:
These stones have been invented by JGES Kommanditgesellschaft, E. Schwarz, Theuern. They actually owned a “utility model” from the year 1943 (Pat. No. 1529307) where they described the process how these type of stones (JGESAR, JGES Wasserabziehstein) were made. A huge part of natural stones powder was mixed up with a synthetic resin.  Afterwards the dough was heated up to 160-180 degrees and cooled down.

To further more improve the company a lot of different shaped stones have been invented. They sold bench stones, double sided stones (a fine and a coarse side), round stones for shoe companies, gouge stones, multiform stones, points and hoof knife stones.

In the year 1953 Mr. Rudolf Schwarz and Mr. Rolf Schwarz were arrested and dispossessed. As both returned from their arrest in the year 1956 the company was already taken over as a public enterprise. The company was then used as a VEB (Volkseigener Betrieb) with the shorcut (K) which was the addition that it was “circle leaded”. The company Name VEB (K) Preßstoff und Schleifmittel was created, later this company was implemented in the VEB Plasta, Sonneberg. They produced less of the older products and more and more plastic articles have been produced. They specialized more and more on injection moulding (IM) and produced parts for the electronics, vehicles and toys industries.

Utility Model No. 1529307
from JGES Kommanditgesellschaft, E. Schwarz, Theuern 17.02.1943

Here is a list of some of the sold products:
JGES Abziehstein
JGES Reform Brocken extra fein Nr. 4
JGES Reform Brocken fein Nr. 5
JGESATY Abziehstein Nr. 23
JGESAR Abziehstein Nr. 25

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