Apache Strata Bout No. 2 by Naturalhones.com (115 x 55 x 100 x 25mm)

Size: 115 x 55 x 100 x 25mm  weight: 230gr.
Density: xxgr./cm³ / Estimated grit size: very fine > 12k
Usage: use with water, glycerine or oil
Color: all of the Apache Strata Stones can appear in different types of colors, from pale white-beige, to dark violet, to red, where also a pattering or blood spotted surface is possible.
Supplier/Distributor: Naturalhones.com
Website:  www.naturalhones.com

 Honing/Touch Up with the Apache Strata U.S.A.

I really like touching up my straight razors with the Apache Strata. I prefer to use it with water as the stone can soak in oil and then i would have to use it in future with oil. The stone can be used after the 8K or also after a 10K stone either coming from naturals or synthetic stones. I mostly come well around doing around 30 laps on plain water and pressure in the weight of the razor. Actually a type of Overhoning is not possible with this stone, probably because its just ultra fine. I did some magnification shots within the Razorlovestones project, and actually the Apache Strata has a very fine grained structure. I also experienced that the stones seem to offer very consistent results, actually the two i own are working this way.

The Bevel after touch up looked very high polished, comparable to other ultra fine natural stones (f.ex. the French Special Stones)

personal shaving results (PSR):
I really like the my shaves after touching up on the Apache Strata. A very nice sharp edge, clean shaves and quite a smooth feeling with this stone. It also here depends a bit which steel’s are used, so probably less or more laps on the stone is needed.


The Apache Strata U.S.A. is a very nice finisher, comparable to other fine stones beeing around. Depending on the size you order you’ll have to possibility to get a well usable razor hone for a very fair price.

Also the Apache strata is one of the newer stones which have been found in the wild within the last two years (HGH Haida Gwaii Hone, Kuro Slate, Bavarian-Frankonian, etc.). And i well appreciate the that the people from the communities go out and search for usable stones in their living areas.

So depending what you are looking for and what you want to pay for, this stone wont be a bad choice. Check out Naturalhones.com site and look which prize and size suits you the best way.

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