My name is Sebastian, iam 32 years old,  I started wet shaving with Vintage Straight Razors four years ago. I remember the time when i started all this,  just to know how it would be to use a straight razor. And i had some serious days and weeks until i really came around well with the shaving procedure. Today I well appreciate that i started with all this, because this gives me the time to come back to my own, slow down the time when shaving and give the own soul and  body a little bit of luxury in these fast and stress-full days…..

What will you find here?
A lot of pictures from my own collection of razor hones and sharpening stones i collected over the last two years. Some of them are also from friends which agreed that i can post them here for showing purposes. All stones are sorted wihtin the countries where the stones have had their origin in the past or even today. You’ll find a lot of history on this page especially on the older companies selling these stones.

Also i have to thank many other knowledged people being around within the community for nice talks, wonderful exchanges and also for spreading knowledge and information.

Many thanks go out to: Hatzicho, Alum of Potash, Maurice and Anne-Katrien Celis, Bartisto, Sharpchef, Gamma, Sham, Modine, Vasillis, Ekretz, Randydance, KCB5150, Baymonate, Adrspach and many many more….

Any questions, any advice, any proposal….
feel free to contact on the Contact Page!

To honor Henk Bos and the people who supported him
Anybody who is interested to get more knowledge about sharpening stones, their history, their origin and  more about techniques is invited to read

Henk Bos Grinding and Honing Parts 1-4!

Actually he is the person, which works i deeply appreciate and am very thankful for that these Documents are available within the community. I still do not know his personal intention to write about all these nice stones being around but reading his documents and looking at his pictures i can see he did it with passion, pleasure and knowledge. Its really sad the he cannot further more join us and talk and write about what we all love.

So thank you Henk for all what you did!

If you want to know more who Henk was and what he did I would
appreciate if you read the profile about HENK
His family also created a “book of memories” about him.

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