Dalmore Blue (150 x 50 x 16mm)

Size: 150 x 50 x 16mm weight:  317gr.
Density: XXXgr./cm³ /  Estimated grit size:  medium > 4k-6K
Usage: can be used with water, glycerine and oil
Color: mostly going into a light brown look with a darker chocolate looking  banding, the banding varies from lines over circles to total swirling. Depending if the stone has been used with oil or not, they can also appear more greyish colored. Also there are variants around looking plain dark
Water of Ayr and Tam o Shanter Hone Works

About this specific stone:
One of the more unspectacular Dalmore Blue stones. This one has been used with oil, which is visible within the stones structure. You can see that oil soaked thru the stone which also gave the more brown looking color. The Dalmore Stones feel quite smooth to the touch, but its well visible that this is a Sandstone. Also when lapping or creating slurry you can feel that its quite hard and its either not easy to create a slurry or to lap the stone flat.

General Information on Dalmore Blue Stones:

About the Water of Ayr and Tam  Shanter Hone Works:

Honing/Touch Up with the Dalmore Blue:

personal shaving results (PSR):


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Dalmore Blue Stone

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