Chinese Water Hone C12K (200 x 50 x 20mm)

Size: 200 x 50 x 20mm weight: 647gr.
Density: xxgr./cm³ / Estimated grit size: very fine <12k
Usage: with water
Color: light-grey to grey-green, sometimes orange lines or inclusions
Other names:
Chinese River Hone, C12K, Kajima, PHIG, Chinese Pulpstone
actually there seems to be a lot of sellers and a lot of re-branded stones around

  About this specific stone:
This a Chinese C12K stone, one of the newer razor hones coming up the past years. They one has a light-grey to green-grey color and it seems to be one of the harder Chinese stones. You can see that the is a darker colored line running thru the stone.

Indicators / Identifiers:
1. light-grey, medium-grey, green-grey in a very uniform and quite homogeneous structure, sometimes orange flash like lines are visible
2. a quite medium-soft stone, but some examples are harder and not too easy to lap
3. a very slow stone, a lot of laps have to be done to get a good result
3. over-honing is not possible on this stone

Honing with the Chinese C12K Stone :

This stone is a very fine finishing stone! If you got one of the very homogeneous and hard stones you’ll be happy, because i expect them to be the best ones of those. The stones can be used with slurry, but mostly a slurry stone isn’t delivered with the stone. Honing feels quite smooth on the stone and actually when it comes to the end finishing stage you need a good amount of laps to get good results with this stone.

personal shaving results (PSR):
The shaving results with the Chinese C12K are good, the edges come off quite sharp and to a certain level smooth. Actually i prefer my edges a bit smoother.

These stones are good razor hones especially under an economical point of view. This means if you do not have a lot of money to spend on a natural stones, this one could be choice. If you can pay a bit more i would mostly prefer a Apache Strata U.S.A., a Thuringian Bout Stone or one of the Bavarian-Frankonian Bouts.

History and General Information:
As this is one of the newer stones coming up the past years there is actually not a lot of history concerning these stones.

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