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As there is a lot on activities planned and i regularly update content and text here, i wanted to add a section named “Updates”. This gives you the possibility to check out whats coming up in the near future or within the next half year. I will also include relevant changes concerning  functions or added videos on the page.

Future Content 01/2017 – 12/2017:

Release of the Video about the Red/Purple Razor Hones
Release of the Video about Thuringian Water Hones
Story and Origin of the fine French Razor Hones (La Lune, Special Stone)
Story about the “Magog Oilstone / Canadian Oilstone”

Changes 07/2016 – 12/2016:

More updated on Thuringian Water hones and the company profiles

Future content 02/2016:

Update on the following stones:
Nakayama Tomae Lv. 4.5
Nakayama hard Asagi

Changes 01/2016 – January:

Changes on text:

Rating System
I added a short rating system concerning the stones themselves but also how i personally evaluate the shave concerning a specific stone i used. Again to mention here this a personal interpretation on reality which doesn’t have to be shared from everybody 🙂

F.G.B.C. Company Profile
Announced to be released within October 2015, you can see that sometimes plans cant be fulfilled. Due the lot of information and content we (Fikira & Me) had collected the release will be delayed hopefully until end of January 2016.

Future content 04/2017:

Update on the following stones:
Colorado Slate (delayed, draft)
Vermio Genuine Greek Razor Hone (delayed, draft)
Freak Rock Stone (delayed)

History of changes:

10.02.2017 / updated and splitted by Fikira
Who where the People behind F.G.B.C.
– F.G.B.C. Introduction (DE/EN)
– Ghelfi Family (DE/EN)

– Birolleau Family (DE/EN)
-Demosthènes, Malaspinas (DE/EN)
– Bardotti, Giovannacci (DE/EN)
– L. Belle (DE/EN)
– Zanarelli, Galtié (DE/EN)
– “Short detailled chronology” & “In Conclusion” (DE/EN)

 12.08.2016 / added Country shortcuts in navigation bar
27.06.2016 / Special Stone only for Good Razors (178 x 40 x 22mm) (DE/EN)
11.04.2016 / Thuringian Bout No. 4 (130 x 108 x 24mm) (DE/EN)
29.03.2016 / Links “Buy Stones” Section Updated (DE/EN)
29.03.2016 / Updates Section Updated (DE/EN)
02.02.2016 / release of “Who were the people behind F.G.B.C.” (EN)
02.02.2016 / release of “F. Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie. (DE/EN)
02.02.2016 / release of “D. Giovannacci & L. Ghelfi” (DE/EN)
02.02.2016 / release of “A new story about F.G.B.C.” (DE/EN)
26.01.2016 / release of “Ordovician Thuringian Hones Part I” (EN)
21.12.2015 / release of “short rating of the stone / shave” (DE/EN)
03.05.2015 / release of the Definition of “Grit Ratings” (DE/EN)


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