Re-Release of the La Lune Razor Hones


A hard year 2020 has passed, everybody was in any way connected to the changes due to Corona. As the year 2020 luckily has passed by, we are happy to announce another update for the future. After several years of work in the form of research of the history and furthermore experimenting with the Purple-Red La Lune Stones we are happy to announce that we actually try to re-release the purple-red „La Lune“ Stones.

So far I can only tell that we are doing this with the greatest respect of the ancient Producers and Suppliers because we appreciate and love their work, their product and the Trademark as it was created many years ago. 

The re-release will be done with strict rules we set up to ourselves, this means how we source the material and how we deal seriously with our idea. 

Our research and our approach was always to do this as team work. Practically speaking, not only „US“ four did the work, everybody adding a small piece in some of the Shaving or Razor Boards might have set up another piece of the puzzle, so in the end we could reach the goal where we are now standing…

Right now we have to discuss and decide some serious topics for the re-release. As you all might know that is not an easy task..we hope that we can come up with another Update soon. 

The final product will be marketed under the registered Company from Nicolas.

Best regards 

Nicolas Rollin from

Jethro „Fikira“ from

Alan Greene 

Sebastian “Razorlovestones” and „Doorsch“ from

Frequently Asked Questions on the LA LUNE Hones (FAQ)

Do the “LA LUNE” Razor Hones need to be lapped? And how?

Yes, the stones should be lapped. This could be done with some easy working tools (fex. Siliciumcarbide powder on a flat surface or wet and dry sanding paper) or with so called diamond plates from the well known companies like Atoma, DMT. Normally you start with coarser grains like (100-200 and afterwards you follow further steps towards 400/600/800grit to a maximum of 1000grit). Lapping in a higher grit ist most likely not needed on slate stones to receive a flat surface. Check that there are no more scratches within the surface. Best way would also to chamfer the edges, the LA LUNE Stones are normally sold with fully chamfered edges.

Are the Stones used with the delivered slurry stone?

The delivered slurry stone can actually be used, but it’s most likely used in the pre-finishing phase. You should know that the original vintage stones were used as plain finishing stones. The supplier F.G.B.C. (F. Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie.) sold these stones as oilstones. This has been annouced in their Bulletin de Guarantee that the stones should be used with oil.

Is it allowed to use the stones with oil ? Or should this be avoided?

The stones do not need to be used with oil, but doing tests in concerns of performance showed that these slates are very dense and compact. So its no problem to use those stones with oil and later with water again. Our testting results show that with the usage of oil a finer polished edge is was created then using water. Also the shave itself after using oil on the stones seems to better perform. The shave felt more balanced and smooth then the one when water was used.

Are there other possible honing solvents which can be used?

Yes there is a variety of possibilities to try out. Its possible to use a water-glycerin mixture, a mixture of water and dish soap or even soap foam. Also there are many different types of oils which can be used.
This is all fun to play, just try out and see what happens 🙂

What are LA LUNE Stones are made of? Whats their composition?

The Stones are a very fine and compact type of slate. Slates of that type exist in comparable compositions on other parts of our World. They are quarried fex. in the US (Purple Vermont Slate) or in England UK (Purple Llyn Melynllyn) .These slate varieties were created under near identical geological conditions, this results in a near looking appearance and in acomparable performance. The green inclusions in all of these three types of slates appear from wherever the stones come from. The composition is comparable with many other different natural stones.

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