A new Story about F.G.B.C. (F. Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie.)



EN – A new Story about F.G.B.C. (F. Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie.)

Before getting into more details of this company profile i would like to thank some very important people who helped me to create this company profile! People who seemed to be interested the same as me in the history of F.G.B.C. and also into researching and finding the origin of the fine french stones. Hours of written emails and nearly hundred pictures being sent, many questions asked, unanswered and answered. And as always, the work wouldn’t be the same without help, translation and interpretation on certain topics – so i’ll call it TEAM WORK, which makes it possible to release this profile!! 

On the first step THANK YOU Alan (Mr. Wilson) for our exchange and our common interest on this project !

The second big THANK YOU goes out to Jethro (Fikira) who was interested to research more on the history of the families behind F.G.B.C., doing so he made it possible that we could puzzle more and more parts of the history of F.G.B.C. together.

And then there are a lot of people who added content in terms of pictures or scans to the company profile of F.G.B.C., so thanks to  Jörg (Jollo74), Mike (Modine), Jean (Ferdi), Peter (Hatzicho) and Adriana G. Hollet!

It took us quite a long time now to get this all together. But finally i think we’ve finished and delivered! My announcement adding “Company Profiles” to Razorlovestones.com is nearly a half year back.

Goal was to add interesting Company Profiles of producers of abrasives or Profiles of producers and sellers of sharpening stones and fill those with a lot more information of pictures and historical information. And not only that! I would like to get those profiles interesting and try to catch the reader’s attention, hopefully we can also reach this goal in the future!

As the No. 1 project i was interested to start a profile about the company who brought the “fine french razor hones” named “Pierre La Lune” and “Special Stone only for Good Razors” into the market. Talking about F.G.B.C (F. Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie.) we talk about a lot of History, a lot of changes during nearly 160 years and a lot of people with different families involved. A profile also about Families which were named Giovannacci, Ghelfi, Bardotti, Birolleau and Belle.

So did we find the origin of the “fine french razor hones” ?
Actually we really gathered a lot of information about their old stores, their products, their families and their changes during the existence of F.G.B.C. and their predecessors companies. We found information’s were stones have been cut, where they had their storage locations and a lot more. But up to date we found neither valid information nor a trace where their old quarries were located in detail. We are sure that this is the only and most complete profile on FGBC which will ever exist.

This work is based on doing a really good job researching the information’s being around. On the other hand it’s clear and we have to acknowledge that the Internet today with all its possibilities and advantages gave us the possibilities to find this huge amount of data.

We split the complete Story into three different articles, on the first step to reduce the content of pages, on the second step to divide the different chapters of the timeline of the existence of the F.G.B.C. companies.

We created the following articles:

  1. The article dealing with the founding and the emigration from Italy to France, and the first steps of the company (18th. – 19th. century) which had its most important time frame as it was named

    D. Giovanacci & L. Ghelfi “Etablisséments Belle, 87, Rue Faubourg St. Antoine 
    (Content written by “Razorlovestones” with huge help of Mr. Wilson)

  2. The article dealing with the time in France, a period where ups and downs were normal, a more optical profile with pictures of old locations and explanations on the product, the price list from FERDI, the Bulletin de Garantie and all that.

    F. Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie. (F.G.B.C.)47, Rue de Saintonge
    (Content written by “Razorlovestones” with huge help of Mr. Wilson)
  3. The article dealing with very important information about the families behind the F.G.B.C. and its predecessors companies. A well researched and nearly complete historic and very personal profile from Fikira

    Update 16.02.2017:
    Jethro has re-edited the whole text again and created separated chapters. This makes reading easier and helps to jump to specific chapters or families.

    Who were the People behind F.G.B.C.? 
    Ghelfi Family
    Birolleau Famlily
    Demosthènes, Malaspinas
    L. Belle
    Zanarelli, Galtié
    Short detailled chronology & in conclusion

My sincere thanks go to all people joining me here, also with the approach to work together on a project where we share our interest in. Without these people, and the generated “team work” it wouldn’t be possible to release such a complex and huge profile!

Have fun reading what we collected over the last 24 months !

Sebastian (Doorsch), Jethro (Fikira) and Alan (Mr. Wilson)


This is the promotion trailer for the first company profile on Razorlovestones!

It about one of the most interesting hones and abrasives producer in France….

F. Ghelfi, Birolleau & Cie. (F.G.B.C.)

its about the history of the company, the “LA LUNE” Stones,
the “SPECIAL STONES ONLY FOR GOOD RAZORS”  and much much more!!!

Youll see its the most complete company profile up to date with a lot of
new information, interpretation and pictures.

…so look forward to this….the release in October 2015! 

Thanks to:
Alan (Mr. Wilson), Jethro (Fikira), Mike (Modine), Jörg (Jollo74)
Andrea G. Hollat

© text and pictures

created: 02.02.2016 / edited: 16.02.2017
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