Dan’s Black Hard Arkansas (203 x 41 x 12mm)

Size: 203 x 41 x 12mm weight:  291gr.
Density: XXXgr./cm³ /  Estimated grit size:  medium – fine > 4-10K
Usage: should be used with oil
Color: a dark-black to dark-grey with lighter gray areas
Other names:
Black Hard Arkansas, Surgical Black Arkansas


About this specific stone:
This is one of the stones from a complete Dan’s Whetstone Company, Inc. Arkansas set (Soft Arkansas, Hard Arkansas, Black Arkansas). The Black Arkansas is a very dark looking stone with a certain clouded look in a dark-grey.

General Information on Arkansas Stones:
Arkansas Stones are out of Novaculite which is made out of nearly 100% silica and a small amount of other trace elements like XX, XX. The Stones have been a very important raw material for the mankind especially on the pre-historic times. Weapons have been created

Arkansas Stones are quarried in the Region of

Honing/Touch Up with the Black Hard Arkansas.:

personal shaving results (PSR):


History on the Arkansas Stones :

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