Water Razor Hones from Solingen ?

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Often fine water razor hones (thuringian water razor hones,  belgian stones, etc.) are related to the knife and razormakers town Solingen. Actually there is not too much information around about these stones which were mostly bought from the local Solingen based companies….i wanted to try to show off some of the old trading connections between Solingen and the companies based in the region around Sonneberg.

One of the most interesting and documented evidence is the wooden box in the Slatemuseum in Steinach. This box was used to transport the Water Razor Hones from Steinach to Solingen. The transport documents show Solingen as the goal of transport and were created by Firma Christoph Luthardt Fikken Sohn am Petersberg in Steinach.

I had the possibility to collect some pictures documenting the old trading connections between Solingen and the companies around Sonnneberg. For sure we do not know today who originally sold the stones to these companies, but however its a evidence that the connection was running over certain timeframes….

Carl Julius Herbertz, Solingen (CJH Solingen)
Pictures of a Thuringian Water Razor Hone from Escher & Co. with a stamp of the Solingen based company Carl Julius Herbertz, Solingen (CJH Solingen). Another very nice example which shows the connection between Solingen and the companies based in the region around Sonneberg.

Fassbinder & Co., Solingen
There are existing Thuringian Water Hones around named  “Thüringer Wasserabziehstein” D.R.G.M. 326839 which seem to have been bought from Fassbinder & Co., Solingen (F&Co.) mostly from the Region around Sonneberg. The stones have been bought and had been labelled with the comapanies information.

Gebr. Lang, Solingen
A catalogue from a Solingen based knife and razor maker with their Trademark Fermarud. They offered fine green Water Razor Hones with a rubbing stone beeing sold for 3 RM (Nr. 86).

Thanks to KuSeRa for the permission to use the pictures!


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